Icon Set-Builder

Want to create your own icon sets based on an existing one?
Tired of manually having to apply all necessary steps per icon?
Well... maybe this little tool can help you!

:: Introduction ::

Lately I saw an icon style I'd liked and wanted to recreate it using Android ICS icons as base.

Using Paint.NET I could create my template and do so... but since Paint.NET does not support scripting, I had to do everything (resizing, changing color and transparency, applying as alpha mask to my template, etc) again and again for about 200 times.

Being a .NET developer, I thought "Why not write a little script to do that treadmill work for me?". Well, finally it grew into this "Icon Set-Builder" tool.

:: Features ::

What can you do with it? Well, basically it works with several layers (template, icon, mask and overlay) for each you can apply a lot of adjustments.

The basic steps:

  • Choose a template and, if supported, a template style (i.e. several colors)
  • Choose your favorite icon set
  • Optionally, choose an alpha mask to be applied for each icon
  • Optionally, choose a matching overlay
  • Play around with the settings
  • Let the tool generate your icon set

All changes you make are immediately applied to the previews, so you always know, what the result would look like.

For more information, discussions etc please visit the application's thread at XDA-Developer forum!

Icon Set-Builder on XDA

For more information and discussions please visit the application's thread at XDA-Developer forum.